JEEPERS! (Or How to Win a Copy of My New Book)


Okay. It’s been a short, unproductive week as far as writing goes. So this is a perfect time for a little diversion that might be a benefit to you. As those of you who read this blog with some regularity know, I picked up a Jeep Wrangler when I retired (I use the term, retired, rather loosely since I seem to work harder now than I did before—but that’s a story for another day).

I was giving a brief rundown to someone recently of how my vehicular acquisition was performing, and I referred to the Jeep as “she.” From that simple expression, an entire conversation emerged concerning the gender of vehicles. I said that all good things are females…ships, the church, women, and, of course, vehicles. This in turn led to the question as to what I had named “her.” Then it hit me—I hadn’t really thought about it up to that point.

Over the years I’ve named very few of my modes of transportation. It’s just been a few, however, because I only name the ones that have some character. For the most part, the vehicles I’ve owned have been run-of-the-mill, nondescript, blend-in-with-the-rest-of-the-crowd type cars.

There was that 1981 Tercel that my mechanic dubbed “Lil Red” and an old Dodge I called “The Leopard” (she was gold with a few black primer spots here and there). Other than that, not too many have begged for a name. The Jeep, of course, is a stark exception. She has to have a name. That’s where you come in.

My new book, The Last Wedding, is coming out in a few weeks. So here’s the deal. I’m going to give a copy to the person who comes up with the best name for my burgundy, 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sahara (with 80K miles on her). You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours (as they like to say).

The rules are simple:

Submit as many names as you like

Name(s) should be somewhere within the bounds of decency

You must submit the name on this blog site by way of the “Leave a comment” button at the bottom of this blog post

There are no restrictions as to who may enter. Family members, employees, pagans, and undocumented immigrants may all join in the challenge. Oh wait…I take that back. There is one restriction. You must be a human being. Beyond that, you’re all invited to participate.

Please “share” this post with all your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linked-In “friends” and “followers.” The more entries the better. This is going to be a great name—I can feel it!

Oh! One more thing… The judges will not accept the name “Nellybelle.” Pat Brady already has that one. However, if you are the first to fully identify Pat Brady, you too will receive a copy of my new book (you lucky dog).

20 thoughts on “JEEPERS! (Or How to Win a Copy of My New Book)”

  1. Pat Brady was a guitarist on the Roy Rogers Show who died while I was in high school. He was an actor in other things as well–but was discovered (I think) by Roy Rogers. TV was great back then and the Weekend at the local Matinees cost $.25 on military bases were we lives. Man, I am old.

    1. Humm must be a mountain thing… Mine was just Jeepy..but how about…Lucy. For the color..Stomper…They are fun to stomp around in…Or ” Breezy”…

  2. pat Brady was an actor and was Roy’s sidekick who drove the jeep. I nominate Jezzy short for Jezebel due to the color

  3. I think you should name your Jeep…….. ‘secchio’
    or you could go with ‘secchia’
    It kind of reminds me of ‘Satchel’……..or you could go with Satchel!!
    but ‘secchio’ has a better meaning for this instance and I know how much you have been studying your Italian…….

  4. Heavens to Betsy (Betsy for short). An exclamation of surprise…not much more surprising than a retired pastor driving a topless Jeep. 😉

  5. Well, with any journey, the joy is often in the unexpected. Just discovered along the way to an intentional destination, like marriage.

    The word we love is Serendipity so here you go – Sere, Serendi, Dippy or Dippity… your mood, your choice.

  6. Vinny or Vito would be good too. Or ‘Burg’ for burgundy and/or Pittsburg. So many possiblilites…….so little time!!

  7. Hi Dave,

    Just came across your blog, so I thought I’d play. First, the car: Since it’s maroon the natural and sweet (sugar-filled) name should be “Beet Juice”. Nobody else has taken that one, I’ll bet. As an added bonus, if you say its name three times quickly, it disappears. Or reappears, I forget which. Anyway, it beats prune juice, and fewer rest stops.

    Second (please excuse my old brain as I tend to remember stuff that never happened) was Pat Brady a former football player* (pro? maybe a kicker?) who suffered a leg injury, retired, and later found lasting fame on the Double R Bar? Or is that just another blown synapse?

    *no Googles or Wikis were harmed or even pestered in the composition of this response.

    enjoying your comments.

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