Pinterest: Man’s Best Enemy

If you’re a married man, you probably know what Pinterest is—even if you don’t have your own account. As a matter of fact, you probably DON’T have your own account. You don’t need one. Your wife shows you everything you need to see.

In the old days, we had what we called, “Honey-do lists.” These lists consisted of the names of items or tasks our wives wanted us to make, purchase, or perform. Now, we have Pinterest. Pinterest not only gives our lovely spouses a new and improved list, it provides them with myriads of options along with detailed instructions as to how we can go about providing them with the desires of their hearts.

Back when all we got was a simple list, we could imagine our own projects, keep them simple, and make our wives happy. No more… If the husbands on Pinterest can do these unpretentious projects, so should we be able to mimic their behavior. Right guys? Right!

Whose Idea Was This?

I’m not sure who came up with the idea of Pinterest. Whoever they are, they’re extremely intelligent. They are also evil. I’m pretty sure the very idea of Pinterest arose from the pit of Hell. Just ask any husband. He’ll tell you I’m correct.

The very idea of Pinterest is to goad every woman into thinking she doesn’t have what she needs. In addition, what she needs is on some electronic page, and her spouse can whip one up for her. All she has to do is show him the picture. It’s that simple.

All I can say is, I never had an ulcer until my lovely Bride discovered Pinterest. It’s a good thing I retired. Otherwise, I could never keep up with all the projects that we, here-to-fore, didn’t realize we had to have.

All this causes me to wonder what it was like back in Biblical times. Everyone was riding around on camels or walking on foot. Many of them lived in tents. Most of them had very little outside the clothes on their backs. They obviously needed a lot, but they didn’t know it because Pinterest hadn’t been invented yet.

The More the Merrier

There were no 401ks or IRA’s either. They worked until they dropped, or their children took care of them. Children were at a premium, and it was obviously beneficial to have a bunch of them.

There were no doctors to speak of, and your choice of career was sorely limited. Bread was the main staple, and they were really happy to have a loaf on the table each day. There was no jelly in the refrigerator—there were no refrigerators to load in the condiments and keep the ice frozen. Most of them never even saw ice.

All this is to say, Pinterest seems to have taken us a step too far. It creates needs where none exist, and it exists to irritate guys like me. I wonder if this is why Jesus asked, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world?” (Mark 8:36)

[Dave Zuchelli is a graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and currently resides in Aldie, VA.]

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