Go Green or Go Home

Over the past few decades, there’s been a lot of political talk about going green. We can always count on someone coming up with a new name for it. Lately, a plan has emerged and been labeled the “Green New Deal.” Someone else flippantly called it the Green Dream. In arguing a need for such legislation, the pols are prophesying various doomsday scenarios. One candidate has gone so far as to put a ten-year limit on humanity’s lifespan if things don’t change.

There are other proponents of green as well. Some political types are more concerned about the growth of the greenback dollar. Their doomsday scenarios involve the demise of the Social Security System and/or the crashing of the stock market. This could very well be called the Green Old Deal. The Green Dream might fit that struggle as well.

The Harsh Facts

The harsh facts of the matter are that politicians aren’t the best prognosticators in the world. Even when they attempt to quote Biblical prophecy, they seem to get it wrong. Personally, I’m not counting on any human government to either save the planet or grow my retirement fund. It’s neither practical nor wise. Promises, politicking, and partisanship have historically proven to fall short in almost every case.

Even though many folks tend to look at Scripture as the ultimate in doomsday prophecies, it actually touts a much more balanced approach. It certainly contains many warnings to those who would run afoul of the Lord’s commands, urges, and precepts. Still, it is quite clear that we all run afoul of such things. In other words, we’re all sinners. Yet, God’s Word holds out hope for each of us.

The Bible tends to downplay any talk of green. In fact, if you lean green, it seems to be saying that you’re heading in the wrong direction. Of course, in Bible times, biological green was equivalent to the green of money. The proverb tells us that trusting in your green isn’t going to save you. It makes one wonder why we seem to be so hung up on it (whether it be biological or economic).

We Follow Suit

It’s certainly not that the two greens are unimportant, but there’s no question we tend to make a much bigger deal out of them than they warrant. Politicians, of course, see them as a way to make hay (no pun intended). The public then follows suit and eats it all up. Very seldom do we see politicians promote the solution offered by Scripture.

The truth is simply that “the righteous will thrive like a green leaf.” And so the Bible introduces the best Green Deal of all. We are offered forgiveness and grace through the sacrifice of Christ as we trade our sinfulness for his righteousness. Through this great exchange, our ultimate doomsday scenario is avoided, and we’re poised to go home—our Heavenly home.

As it turns out, green is good. It appears that our job is to keep all the greens in their proper perspective.

[Dave Zuchelli is a graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and currently resides in Aldie, VA.]