A Child Will Lead Them

Well, we’ve just seen another sign of the apocalypse. The Prophet Isaiah foretold of a time when “a little child will lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6) If you’ve ever seen the painting entitled, “Peaceable Kingdom,” you’ll recognize its depiction of this passage. “The wolf will live with the lamb,” and all that. Obviously, this prophecy has yet to be fulfilled. Still, we are hopeful.

Our anticipation has possibly taken one step closer to reality. Recently, newscasts have redounded with the story of a sixteen-year-old girl speaking at the United Nations. The young female’s name is Greta Thunberg, and she hails from Sweden.

The Dressing Down

For some reason, this young lady was invited to address the UN General Assembly on climate change. Apparently, it was part of a world climate action summit. I can’t wait to see what sort of resolution they pass to fix everything. But the big news is the dressing down given to the world leaders by this angry little girl.

Personally, I only saw one, short clip of her speech. In it, she was yelling at the leaders, “How dare you?” I later read an excerpt in which she said, “People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth!” I guess she told them.

It’s a good thing she arrived on the scene. I have to admit that I’ve been enjoying the warmer weather patterns, the longer growing seasons, and the greater abundance of food around the globe. I guess I’ve been way too Pollyanna-ish about the whole thing. It’s obviously time to start paying closer attention to the kids. Since the scientists can’t agree, maybe the children will set us all straight.

A New Superhero

Ms. Greta has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, which is apparently a form of autism. I know little to nothing about it, but I’m guessing we’ll all know much more soon.  Greta’s mother, a famous Swedish singer, describes her condition as “something like a superpower.” I’m not sure what superpower it most closely resembles, but she definitely has quite a large, superhero-like following.

I’m not sure how this tiny schoolgirl gained such popularity, but it is indeed prophet-like. Isaiah, himself, would be proud. We’ve had many people predicting the end of the world over the years (Hal Lindsay, Paul Erlich, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, just to name a few). This one just might be the real deal, however. After all, she’s fulfilling Scripture (maybe).

I realize I might be jumping the gun on this one. The test for the Hebrew prophets was that they were expected to be right all the time. I’m not sure if this fledgling flicka is about to fill the bill, but she definitely has everyone’s attention. So far, she’s spoken before the United Nations, a congressional committee, and has done numerous interviews. I’ve been thinking about buying a lion and a lamb. Would that be tempting fate?  

[Dave Zuchelli is a graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and currently resides in Aldie, VA.]